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Balloon Dilation for Sinuses and Eustachian Tubes

Minimally invasive balloon dilation can open sinus passages and help you breathe better. Often, it can even be performed in our office. We can treat multiple sinuses in a single procedure. Relief for chronic sinusitis and Eustachian tube dysfunction is rapid and usually long-lasting.

The inside of your nose will be numbed with medication and sprayed with decongestant. Your doctor will place small pieces of cotton with numbing medication into your nose, but not enough to affect your ability to breathe through your nose. Injections placed in the numbed sections will further assure you are numbed before the balloon dilation begins.

Sinus Procedure

Your doctor will insert a small surgical balloon into your sinus for about 5 seconds to open it and restore drainage. When that occurs, it will be removed. Nothing stays in your nose. The doctor can treat multiple passages during a single procedure.


Eustachian Tube Procedure

Your doctor will insert a small surgical balloon through your nose into your Eustachian tube and inflate it for about two minutes. Everything will be removed. Nothing stays in your nose or Eustachian tube. If needed, the other tube can be treated during the same procedure.


Quick Recovery

Most patients return to normal activity on the day of the procedure. You are advised to refrain from any vigorous physical activity for a time recommended by your doctor. You will be given recommendations about what to do after the procedure. You will have a follow-up appointment within 7 to 10 days of a sinus procedure and at 30 days following a Eustachian tube procedure.